Presenting Your Home

There are four steps to presenting your home for sale:

We have already addressed cleaning, maintenance, decluttering, and polishing. Now let’s talk about merchandizing, photography, and floorplan:


The way we live in a house may be different than how the next buyer (or group of potential buyers) will live in it. Decluttering will help with some of the de-personalization that needs to be done, but we also need to make sure the various rooms are as appealing to the widest range of buyers possible.

Before the listing I will work with you to make sure the function of each room is clear. This may require some light rearranging – simple things.


Once your home is merchandized, I will bring in my professional photographer. Almost all buyers are searching online for homes and it is critical that potential buyers mark yours as a favorite. That is done through amazing, eye-catching HD photography.


In many cases, I like to create a floorplan for my listings because so many buyers get mixed up when they are looking at a lot of homes in a row. A floorplan helps them remember the intricacies of your home and why that functionally may be the best option for them.